Drag and Drop Photos to SmugMug

El Capitan Issues

I've been informed that there is a problem with SmugPup under El Capitan. The widget is installed but you are unable to enter authentication credentials in the E-Mail and Password fields. Currently I don't have an explanation for this problem which, sadly, renders SmugPup neutered. I am investigating the problem and will make a new version that's compatible with El Capitan as soon as I am able. I appologize for the inconvenience.

What is SmugPup?

It is a free Dashboard Widget to help you upload you pictures to SmugMug.com directly from your computer without running a stand alone application. It allows you to upload one or more photographs with just a single click. It will even create new albums in your SmugMug account for your uploaded photographs.

How do I install SmugPup?

Download the ZIP file containing the widget from the SmugPup download site. Once you've downloaded the widget, the operating system should unzip the downloaded archive and the Widget Installer should ask you "Do you want to install the widget “SmugPup” and open it in Dashboard?". Click the Install button. The widget will be provisionally installed and you must click the Keep button to complete the install.

If all this doesn't happen automatically, you may need to help the operating system out. The file you downloaded was "SmugPup.wdgt.zip". It needs to be unzipped to get at the SmugPup.wdgt file. Launch SmugPup.wdgt file to manually start the widget installation process and continue as above.

How do I configure SmugPup?

When you first run the widget you need to enter your SmugMug email address and password on the back of the widget. Click the little i in the lower righthand corner (you may need to hover your cursor there for the i to show itself). The widget remembers your email address and password so you don't have to re-enter it every time you upload pictures.

It's from the back that you create a new album. You specify the name of the album and select a category, subcategory, and theme. Additionally, you select the type of thumbnails (square or original) and the privacy (public or unlisted).

How do I upload pictures using SmugPup?

Drag one or more picture files onto SmugPup (you'll need to start the drag before showing the widgets). All the photos to be uploaded will be displayed in a rotating display so you can be sure you've dragged the right photos. If you are only uploading a single photo it will be displayed. Choose the destination album. You can switch to the back of the widget to create new albums at any time. Press the Upload button and the photos will be uploaded to the selected ablum. The current photo is displayed along with the file name of the photo as it is being uploaded. Check the Open album after upload checkbox if you want the album to be displayed in the web browser after all the photos have been uploaded.

How much does it cost?

It's free! It's my way of giving back to the software community. If you are interested in developing your own Apple Dashboard Widget (or helping improve this one), the software is available for download under a free and open source license.

What do I need to run SmugPup?

The widget is compatible with Macintosh OS X 10.4.3 and later versions but may work on earlier versions. I haven't tested it but I'd be interested in hearing if you are successful in getting it to work under earlier versions

What about bugs?

Bugs, in my code? Say it isn't so.

Well, I've been devloping software for most of my life and I fully expect there are bugs I haven't found yet, and for that I appologize. If you think you have found something which looks like a bug, please report it.

If you have a cool new feature you'd like to see added to this plugin I encourage you to submit the suggestion but you are free to take the code and make the change yourself.

Who are you?

I'm Abe Friedman. I develop software for a living and in my spare time I'm also a freelance photographer and this was an opportunity to join these skills. I was frustrated in how long it took for me to get my photographs uploaded to the web so I decided that I could write a widget to help me upload photos.

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